Let’s align individual and collective interests so that everyone adopts the shared mobility that suits them. We’ll achieve the energy transition

Every day, everyone makes choices underestimating the present and future impact on others. For instance, by each of us using our car, we create congestion and emit tons of greenhouse gases.

If, instead of acting alone, we worked together, we would save a great deal of time and money. Shared mobility would thus save each of us thousands of dollars per year.

It may seem obvious, however the solution to get there in large numbers and without losing freedom of choice is a challenge since no one has the time, forum, or tools to act together.

We have developed this large-scale impact solution. Our vision is to align individual interests with those of the community so that our best individual choice of mobility is a proposal that we would accept by agreeing with others.

We propose to users, (I) that they gather in large numbers as part of cooperatives and adapt the operating rules to the realities of their city; (II) to use the CoevoLab technological platform to function; and (III) to rent it while the Lab is developing and operating it all over the world.

A pragmatic vision of shared mobility

Local and consensual through cooperatives

To accept a proposal, you must first consider it. This is a challenge as citizens are over-solicited and, generally, only pay attention to proposals they themselves seek.

By coming together in cooperatives and in large numbers, citizens of the same city adapt the rules of operation to their realities. No one yet knows exactly what proposals the platform will offer them, however they do know that there will undoubtedly be opportunities.

The team managing the cooperative, and in particular those launching it, is made up of community leaders and mobility experts.

Spontaneous and scalable with platforms

To accept a proposal, you must take the time to evaluate it. With citizens racing through their days, the proposal must be an obvious opportunity that they can accept spontaneously. As constraints are constantly changing, proposals must evolve.

Members of cooperatives use a technological platform that allows them to act in real time according to their immediate constraints.

In action, the platform replaces consultation, while each citizen can always refuse proposals.

International and profitable by cultivating knowledge in the Lab

Citizens empower themselves in order to have a platform and achieve their long-term goals. Like everyone, each citizen has financial constraints and accepts only low-risk proposals.

Cooperatives thus rent the platform from the Lab based on the opportunities offered, while the latter ensures that all cooperatives contribute to the energy transition.