CoevoLab searches for solutions, develops and operates them on behalf of shared mobility cooperatives

At the outset, we are experts in scalable and on-demand multi-collaborative platforms

Shared mobility came naturally. The need is urgent and we had the intuition that our expertise would allow to develop an impact solution.

The urgent need is to provide everyone with shared mobility that suits them and thereby reduce the ever-increasing GHG emissions.

Current solutions use available collaborative platforms that are only intermediaries between two people, one of whom has what the other needs. These standard platforms do not generate satisfactory shared mobility. Our expertise in scalable and on-demand multi-collaborations is the missing link.

We chose to set up in Montreal because its mobility ecosystem is rich in research centers, universities and companies where technologies such as data valorization, artificial intelligence and virtualization are at the cutting edge.

Established in 2016, our team met with numerous private and public sector mobility stakeholders in the city of Montreal, the province of Quebec, across Canada, and around the world to develop a set of shared mobility solutions.

In 2019, we presented our solutions to several research centers in the mobility ecosystem. They confirmed not only that they possessed the expertise to develop our solutions, but also the desire to offer CoevoLab a solid foundation to grow our roots in order to have access to researchers and maintain a high level of innovation.

In the spring of 2020, we intend to close financing requirements that will allow the recruitment of around 30 experts to complete the team. We will then have the resources to build and deploy our platform.

Deployment of cooperatives will be done in partnership with citizens

Each major city will have its own shared mobility cooperative. We have chosen to launch the first one in Montreal in order to optimize the platform in real time during the implementation phase. The platform will become self-sustaining once it has demonstrated its effectiveness.

Additional cooperatives will be launched by citizens motivated to have a shared mobility cooperative in their area. Benefiting from a proven concept and a platform capable of reaching enough members to be operational and profitable, they will have the assets to finance themselves and grow.

We manage the Enthusiasts group on social media – a forum that seeks input from citizens looking forward to see operational shared mobility solutions emerge. There, we also encourage the contribution of all shared mobility initiatives. 

If you are a group of citizens interested in launching a shared mobility cooperative or entrepreneurs with a solution, contact us at our Montreal offices.


1 514 240 8150