You want to become a leader in shared mobility

The potential is enormous

In major cities around the world, millions of people commute to and from work while driving alone in their gasoline-powered vehicles. They each emit huge amounts of greenhouse gases and, together, contribute to levels of traffic congestion that destroy their quality of life. Aware that their cars are 3/4 empty, and that transportation is their second largest expense, you reason that one or more forms of shared mobility could be an operational and profitable solution.

Major challenges arise before you

For many, a car is how they manage daily obligations. So, before someone would stop using their car, they must be convinced to do so. It would also be a challenge to convince enough other people to make your solution work. You would also need to innovate, since current collaborative platforms, even with large numbers of users, do not offer a satisfactory shared mobility option.

You have an opportunity

We invite you to join our emerging network of shared mobility cooperatives. You will benefit from a turnkey technological platform which will allow you to build up a critical mass of users and support them towards an optimal shared mobility.

Our platform is disruptive

We looked for solutions with the idea that all users are transport experts, and we found it, of course, where no one was looking.

We tried to make these solutions intuitive so everyone could use them spontaneously. Twenty-five years of experience developing collaborative platforms using proven principles has allowed us to accomplish this.

We worked to interconnect these solutions so everyone could progress towards their optimal potential for shared mobility. By benefiting from more than three years of Montreal’s rich ecosystem of shared mobility, we offer a platform of solutions that can be adjusted to everyone’s reality.

Each major city will have its own shared mobility cooperative

We invite you to discover how our platform adapts to the specifics of your city.